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Nagatoro Fire Festival tour Application Form(長瀞火祭りツアー申し込みフォーム)

Nagatoro Fire Festival tour Application Form(長瀞火祭りツアー申し込みフォーム)

On 3rd March, Nagatoro Fire Festival tour (Nagatoro Hi-Matsuri “長瀞火祭り”) will be organized speciallyfor international customers in Saitama prefecture. In this special tour, you can experience Japanese “Matsuri culture”.

The Nagatoro Fire festival, which is annually held on the first Saturday of March, is well-known as a Matsuri to announce the coming of spring to Chichibu and to pray for good luck

The unique point of this Nagatoro Fire Festival is that you can see people running on a blazing flame in bare feet.

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This special event is a collaborated event between “Saitamatsuri” and “Omatsuri Japan”.

*Saitamatsuri is a festival information site where you can get information about Matsuri held in Saitama operated by Saitama Prefectural government.

*Omatsuri Japan is Matsuri information site throughout Japan.

The following is an overview of this tour, so please check it out.









<eligible person>

・Person who can speak English
・Those who want to international exchange through Festival (Matsuri)


[Meeting time and place]
We will meet up at “Nagatoro” station (Chichibu railway) at 11:00 AM. (We will meet there and split up there)

[Schedule of the day]
11:00~12:00 walking around Nagatoro and having a light meal.12:00~14:00 visit to Nagatoro Fire Festival (Nagatoro Hi-Matsuri)
14:00~14:30 experience to run on a blazing flame in bare feet
15:00~16:00 river cruise while enjoying warm Kotatsu
16:30 we will split up at Nagatoro station.

・It may be canceled due to bad weather.

[Participation fee]

[about clothing]
We will ask those who wear stocking to take it off when you try to  run on blazing fire for safety.

[Conditions of Participation]
・Person who can share how you enjoy the tour on your SNS (instagram, twitter, Facebook etc…)
・Person who can respond to the questionnaire after the tour.
・The pictures or movies you take during the tour will be possibly used by media such as Saitamatsuri web-site, TV etc…

[How to apply]
・Please sign up from the following application form by 26 February.
・Since there is limited number for participation, we will offer in “first come first serve” in case of many participants over the quota.

・It may be canceled due to bad weather.



11:00 集合@長瀞駅

11:00~12:00 長瀞散策、軽食
12:00~14:00 長瀞火祭り見学
14:00~14:30 火渡り体験
15:00~16:00 こたつでライン下り(最終受付が15時)
16:30 解散@長瀞駅